Courses / Prices


I offer a range of courses, prices include test fee and test finder to find test date that best suits you and your course. If not needed can be removed from course,( £82.00)


This Course is for someone who has very little experience or are completely new to driving. Its a 40 hour course usually done over one week but could be spread over two. Up to 8 hours a day with a 30 mins lunch and any other breaks that are needed during the day.



This course is same as above just slightly more condensed into 35 hours, also can be done over one or two weeks.



This course is suitable for someone who knows the basics, same as the gold course but consists of 30 hours, would usually be done in one week but can suit lessons to the individual.


Test Booster

This course is suitable for someone with good knowledge of driving but maybe having a few underline problems needing to be addressed 20 hour course usually 4 hours a day 15 mins break during course if needed.



Quick 10 hour course to brush up for a retest or someone who is nearly test ready.